Content plan

1. Develop a content strategy

A content strategy is used to guide in the development and application of your organization's words, sounds and images. If your marketing strategy is the brains, your content strategy is the nerves. We can help you create this vital piece to digital marketing.

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2. Who are you conversing with?

Your content and its various formats should appeal to someone; not everyone. Appealing to the masses only creates mass confusion. A digital strategy that is in place, supported by a content strategy will effectively resonate with customer segments that your business is aiming to get business from.

3. Seeking out the interested

There is an ever-increasing number of mediums when it comes to placing content. In the digital space, the platforms available for content have evolved from websites to blogs to forum communities. Should we also mention live streaming and sponsorship collaborations?

4. Content and its various forms

When developing and deploying content, the most common ones include copy (text), imagery (pictures) and video. There are also podcasts, applications, microcontent, and even data. The various options and forms of content have created an entire industry of content creators out there.

Learn how to create relevant and effective content.

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