1. Let’s start at the top

The discovery phase is important to every website build. At this stage, we aim to learn and understand everything about your business, the point of your ideal website, and how it should be presented to your target audiences.

Web Planning
Web Design

2. Putting the digital pen to use

Initial designs for your website is the result of a lot of planning, communicating and general hard work between you and our team. Design concepts and mockups will be created to illustrate ideal approaches for the messaging, content and functionality of your new website.

Web Development

3. Time to start building

This is where things get technical and the stage when we put all designs, content and functionality to use. We primarily build within the WordPress environment which provides you some unique advantages when the site is completed and in your hands.

4. The finishing touches

There is a launch phase to every website build and it entails testing, hosting and configuration. We want to make sure all the kinks have been ironed out and that the new website is being hosted at a provider that is capable of handling your potential traffic.

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