What is Microcontent?

Let’s be honest. Consumers in the digital age are inundated with information. It’s hard for businesses to stand out from the crowd – especially when they have a limited amount of content available.

The microcontent process allows us to maximize each piece and position it in a way that it becomes more easily digestible. This helps to create a better experience for the user and a larger content library for the client.

Why Microcontent?

  • Engage your audienceicon

    Engage your audience

    One of the best ways to engage an audience is by giving them what they want, right now

  • More to posticon

    More to post

    Creating bite-sized pieces out of larger items increases the number of posts you can make

  • Flexibilityicon


    Creating a multi-dimensional microcontent strategy allows for a great deal of post flexibility

  • Collateral for partnersicon

    Collateral for partners

    Building a content repository allows businesses to share new content with partners

The Process

  • Strategy

    It all starts with a plan. We work with clients to learn more about their goals, and then we work to build out a microcontent framework.

  • Collection

    Based on this framework, we devise a content collection schedule and get to work.

  • Creation

    Once the raw content has been collected, our team works their microcontent magic.

  • Sharing

    Microcontent creation isn’t the end of the journey. We’ll work with you to devise a posting strategy so you can get the most out of your new content!

Cinemagraph Examples

Video Examples

Getting Started

Microcontent packages start with a minimum $5,000 investment. Custom pricing available for those companies with content already collected or those requiring larger campaigns.

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