One of the major benefits of Facebook advertising is your how hyper targeted you can get. Here are some of the coolest settings on Facebook, and how to use them to your advantage.
facebook advertising techniques and tips


This feature’s got legs. Being able to target people in relationships is a huge advantage for many businesses. Florists, travel agents, wedding planners and jewelers are now all of a sudden able to effectively target these individuals online. Before Facebook, these businesses had limited marketing options.  Now it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.


Facebook ads allow you to run ads only during certain periods of the day – after that you can pause them at your will. We have determined, after tons of testing, that we can pretty much cut out 6 hours a day of advertising time, and still meet the same sales goals. This cuts our advertising budget by 25%. This is a great tool to utilize if you know how to do it!


Everyone loves presents, especially on their birthday. Take advantage of this and consider offering exclusive discount or products to people celebrating their birthdays. Much like how Starbucks sends its members a free drink coupon to enjoy on their birthday… this simple ad may just get people talking about your brand, and people start looking forward to their birthdays and your exclusive ads.

Friend of Fans

If you have emphatic fans, the chances are they are chatting to their friends about your events, product or services outside of Facebook. Take advantage of this by targeting the friends of your fan page. People love being included in things, take advantage of this.

Interests targeting

This beauty is basically a Google search in a nutshell, with one serious advantage. For example, Google ads appear when someone searches a term, say “Tiger Woods”. But with the recent events of Tiger’s personal life, Joe, who’s in the business of selling Tiger Woods hats and t-shirts would have a hard time targeting between the people who like Tiger versus those who just want to know about the latest Tiger gossip on Google. Facebook allows you to target the words people write in as their interests. So Joe could effectively target only the people who have written in their profile that they like Tiger Woods.  Cha ching!

Many businesses overlook Facebook ads in their marketing campaigns, but the benefits of using this tool are too good a thing to overlook.  Be sure to consider Facebook ads, and these tips the next time you’re launching a campaign.

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