Content Marketing ChecklistOver the years I have worked on a content “filter” that can be used as a quick checklist when looking at optimizing and amplifying the reach and tracking performance of content we share. I have used it in a few work settings and modified it for others. Not every content item would need to go through so many steps but depending on the content item and the team’s capabilities, other departments can be plugged in at the right stages and work together to increase effectiveness.

All content can be a candidate for the checklist. Attention should be paid into making sure you are reaching the right audience, achieving the right goals, and taking advantage of the real time capabilities in modifying based on tracking and feedback. This includes content that would be used for the website in general, a blog, campaign landing pages, user generated content and even off-site content and video placement on Youtube.

I have attached this content check-list for you to use and also included a link to the working file for you to modify (built in Fireworks – PNG). If you modify the filter, send me a link as I would like to see how it evolves over time. Your feedback is welcomed as well and I will modify if suggestions are made.

tracking spreadsheet and a lot of extra time are important to fully utilize this model. Many one-person marketing teams will do this onthe fly but if you have a team in place and want to make sure every avenue and opportunity is looked at, this may help give you a helpful edge.

Right click and save to download. Enjoy!


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