1) Which team member is the jujitsu expert?

A: Trevor – Trevor has it all, nunchuck skills, throwing star skills, and he’s not afraid to use them. He’s been running a local Japanese Jujitsu studio for many years now.

2) Which team member works remotely from New York City?

A: Duncan – he’s been working remotely and living with his partner from New York City as of late July this year.  Aside from it being such an awesome place to be Duncan has been attending bigtime SEO and online advertising seminars, and helping capture some fantastic New York-eque images for our site.

3) Which team member owns a huge website dedicated to FC Barcelona?

A: Bryan Leung has been part owner of the site Total Barca for countless years, managing it while keeping tabs on his favourite team.

4) Which team member loves the San Diego Chargers?

A: Brian Siddle has long been a fan of the Chargers, but if you’ve ever followed him on Twitter, you’d like know this by now.  Now you’ll understand why every second tweet he makes is football related.

5)Which team member is a former golf professional?

A: Duncan used to be a former golf professional for the years of 2005-2007.  He has always been an avid golfer, but took this love for the game to new level when he completed Grant MacEwan’s Golf Management program to learn what it takes to run a golf business.  This venture didn’t quite work out as planned, but luckily Duncan stayed in the marketing business only to find a home within Strong Coffee.

6) Which team member is a fan of diet coke?

A: Brian Siddle, has been all for the stuff as long as any other Strong Coffee’er has known the guy.  Forget coffee, Brian runs on aspartame and coke syrup!

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