Promoted Post Facebook Ad ExampleFacebook is getting better and better at the ad game. For some time now we were ecstatic about hitting 0.1% for our click-through-rates on our ads.  We found that, no matter how targeted you got, how wonderful your ad copy was, or how amazing your picture looked, getting a reasonable click-through-rate by normal standards was just unheard of on Facebook.  The ads are too small, out of the way, and really don’t add much value to the users of the social media platform as a whole.

Facebook knew this as well, and as you would expect, they eventually came up with a solution that will help bridge this gap and benefit you as a business page owner (and hopefully Facebook’s stock as well).

Introducing Page Post ads.

You’ve likely seen these for some time if you’ve ever created an ad.  In the ad building platform, you have to choose between making an ad to promote your page, event etc, or making and ad for a post. This is Facebook’s first attempt at creating better more relevant ads, and it was quite successful.

Recently, Facebook has added a new feature to this type of advertising, and that is the ability to have your post show up more often in the news feeds of your fans, and friends of fans as long as you have over 400 likes.  If not, don’t worry, you can still promote posts, however they will only appear in normal ad spaces.  We’ll show you the difference shortly, but here’s what you should know: both types of ads can get you great CTR’s and drastically help boost your fans, but more importantly our awareness.

Here’s an example of both types of ads for a recent paid post we did for Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farm:

Since this page has more than 400 likes, we were able to take advantage of both types of ads – the right side ad spot, and also, have our ad show up in the newsfeeds of fans and friends of fans.  The really impressive thing is the results.  We’ve seen click-through-rates as high as 13% on these types of posts.  That’s why we love them, for only a couple of bucks you can reach thousands of people with your message, get new fans flocking to your page – not bad Facebook, not bad at all.

If you’d like to learn more about Sponsored Posts on Facebook, we’d be happy to help, or if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, why not give it a try.  Simply write a fun, engaging post that you feel will hit a broad audience and promote it… we guarantee you’ll be impressed with the results.  How is that for ROI?

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