You’ve written some awesome content on a blog and you’ve shared it with the world, but is it sparking a conversation with people after they’ve read it?

You may not actually know if it is or not, unless the traffic on your website doubles in numbers in a short amount of time. Here are some tips on how to ensure that your content is being talked about online and in person.

1. Quality over quantity – if you are looking to get your content out there, noticed, and talked about, chances are that it’s better to write a longer post with quality information as opposed to a group of shorter articles.

2. Info-graphics tend to go viral – if you can make the complex information you are trying to portray simpler by creating easy-to-understand graphics, your content is more likely to be shared and talked about.

3. Storytelling is powerful – if you can make your post into a small story, people are more likely to talk about it.

4. Don’t put people to sleep – make sure your posts are written like a conversation using the words “you” and “I”. This will create the illusion of a conversation.

5. Be controversial – topics (and your posts) are more likely to spread like wildfire when you incorporate controversial topics.

6. Be unique – it can be difficult to create unique content on topics that haven’t been covered before; instead, create unique masterpieces to increase the chance of your post going viral.

7. Ride the trends – writing about trending topics is a good way to get thousands of visitors to your site.

8. Laughter is powerful – create content that is funny and entertaining (when possible) around topics that will interest your readers.

9. Leverage high-arousal emotions – emotions such as anger, anxiety, fear, and lust tend to go more viral; create these emotions with your posts to get the reader talking to others.

10. Timing is everything – publishing your content on the right days and at the right times will increase the odds of you getting more traffic; more traffic means more conversations!

Follow these tips to get people talking about your content today!

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