We’ve talked about why you should ensure your business is on Instagram[1], but are you struggling with how to get started with Instagram?  First you will need to download the app on you mobile device (Instagram does not yet have a web-based platform like Facebook and Twitter).  Done?  Good!  Time to create your account – Let us guide you!

Tips for Getting Started

Account Name – choose a name that is easily tied to your brand

Profile Photo – simple is best!  Stick to logos or a graphic symbol which consumers can recognize easily and associate with your brand.

Text – keep your captions short and fresh.  Never use more than three hashtags when writing captions.

Tagging – include the location of your image or video when it helps to tell the story.

Image Tools – edit images with filters and other tools.

Image Subjects – post photos of beautiful yet authentic-feeling moments.

Comment and Liking – use hashtags, location, and photos to find others images of your brand.  Engage consumers by liking and commenting on photos they post.

Instagram Navigation

Now that you have created your Instagram account, it is time to learn how to use the basic features to their full advantage.  Let’s go over the Home Screen:


IG Home Screen 1
1.  Instagram Direct
2. Posted Photos from Users you follow
3. Like an Image
4. Comment on an Image
5. Other Interactions
6. Number of Likes
7. Home
8. Explore
9. Camera
10. News Feed
11. Profile

  1. Instagram Direct – Instagram Direct allows you to upload images and send them to one person only. It also allows users to share images with you directly.
  2. Posted Photos from Users you follow – Here you will see pictures posted by other users. It will show their username, the image, the option to like and comment, and more.
  3. Like an Image – Click on the heart to like an image.
  4. Comment on an Image – Click on the chat bubble to leave a comment on an image.
  5. Other Interactions – This allows you to choose from other interactions such as reporting an inappropriate photo, sharing a photo to Facebook, sharing a photo to Twitter, or copying a share URL.
  6. Number of Likes – Here you can see how many likes an image has.
  7. Home – The Home tab allows you to see a feed of the latest pictures added by either you or users you follow. From this tab, you can like and comment on these photos quickly and easily.
  8. Explore – The Explore tab allows you to discover new Instagram users that you might like to follow. It shows images which are popular on Instagram and allows you to search people and photos by username or hashtag.
  9. Camera – The Camera tab allows you to either take an image or choose an image from your library to upload and share on Instagram. Here is where you can crop a photo, add filters, and more.
  10. News Feed – The Activity tab has to primary functions: it shows when someone starts following you or likes and comments on your images, and it is a simple way to see what your followers are doing (who they are following, images they are liking or commenting on).
  11. Profile – The Profile tab is the most important tab. It shows all the functions related to the account: edit your profile, find and invite friends, view photos you have liked, modify your account settings, manage notifications, and more.  Make sure you get familiar with this tab!

Now that you have the basic knowledge of how to get started and the basic uses of Instagram, it’s time for you to go and practice what you have learned!  Take photos, find people to follow, and get social!

[1] Instagram is an application for iOS and Android.  You will need to download the app from the App Store or Google Play to be able to set up an account.

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