So you’ve been asked to create content for someone, but you don’t know where to start?  Maybe you’re not even sure what content is?

Well, content is anything that is created and uploaded to a website.  This can be words, images, and so on.  Now that you know what it is, here are some rules that can give you a hand in creating compelling content.

  1. Embrace that you are a publisher.
  2. Insight inspires originality – find your voice in every form of content you create.
  3. Build momentum – be clear about the objective.
  4. Speak human – speak in terms that everyone will understand.
  5. Re-imagine; don’t recycle – it’s OK to use old content, just make sure you update the information or provide a new perspective.
  6. Share or solve; don’t shill.
  7. Show; don’t just tell – using visuals will set your content apart from similar articles.
  8. Do something unexpected – on occasion, use the element of surprise and offer your readers a gift.
  9. Stoke the fire – ignite a conversation with your content.
  10. Create wings and roots.
  11. Play to your strengths – focus on what you can excel at.

One last thing to remember – make sure any content you create answers the five W’s:

  • Who: Who is your audience?
  • What: What do you want the content to achieve?
  • When: When and how are you going to develop the content?
  • Where: Where are you going to publish?
  • Why: Why are you creating the content you are creating?
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