Many of our clients are unsure about the benefits of Twitter. It takes time to build fans, you only have 140 characters to type your message, and theres a ton of useless crap being “tweeted” – where does marketing fit in? While all these points are valid, the pros far outweigh the cons. Let me show you something…

Lately, we’ve been using a website called What this website does is allow you to compare specific search terms (up to three) within the Twitter network to get an idea of what people are talking about. This is where your business comes in. Say for example you’re selling environmentally friendly products in Toronto; use to search for keywords that your clients would likely be talking about. For this example we used eco-Toronto, eco-friendly products and green products. As the image below shows – there are nearly 50,000 conversations regarding these specific topics that this business could tap in to.

Quantify Twitter

This example shows you where the marketing potential is – this is how to engage directly with your target market. Time to get to it!

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