I am writing to say how much TEC Edmonton appreciated your team coming to our office to provide our clients and our staff an opportunity to learn about social media and how it can benefit an organization’s ability to “spread the word” about the services they offer.

The sessions were well organized, informative and completed in a timely manner. We received a lot of positive feedback after each session. A few of the comments in regard to how helpful the workshops were included:

“Very much, especially the different tools available for desktop, tracking, etc.”
“Really informative, excellent”
“Lots of valuable info”
“Opened my eyes to new possibilities!”
“Good info on apps to use and how to use social media for marketing”

We would not hesitate to recommend Strong Coffee Marketing to other organizations that are considering offering a series of Social Media workshops for their team.

Steve Jakeway
Entrepreneur in Residence
TEC Edmonton

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