We discussed determining ROI with Social Media in a previous post, and we feel the future of social media lies within this dilemma.  If you can’t directly attribute sales figures to your social media campaigns, what can you do?  Well Alvenda, has recently launched a new Facebook page for Delta Airlines that will bring some clarity, and quantifiable data to social media. Have a peak at the future of social media or see the image below.

delta facebook ticket window

This new page is the first of it’s kind.  But put simply, it allows you to book a flight on Delta Airlines, while on Facebook.  The concept is simple, and let’s face it, all it really does is saves you opening a new window, typing in delta.com, and booking your flight directly. But the idea has legs, and Mark Zuckerberg probably loves it.  If this idea catches on and tons of companies turn their Facebook pages into an e-commerce channel, it basically makes Facebook a one-stop shop.

Facebook already outranks Google in terms of traffic, so let’s face it, if your company isn’t already on Facebook – you’re missing out.

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