I recently had the chance to talk social media during a webinar series at the Business Link. It can sometimes be tricky explaining the various Twitter communication types so I brought along a few of my friends* to help me out…


  • Talking to everyone at the cocktail party
  • Public message broadcast to your followers and anyone else that comes across it

Lady Gaga Tweet


  • Mention someone by including their handle in your Tweet
  • This message will be broadcast to everyone that follows you and will be visible via Twitter search
  • Consider it a “shout out”

Kim K Tweet


  • Talk to someone in public by starting your Tweet with their handle
  • Only those users that follow you and the person you are talking to will see these replies in their stream
  • Posts are still public, just not readily viewable by all users

Ellen Tweet


  • Amplify a message from someone else and share it with your followers
  • Retweets often contribute to trending topics
  • People tend to Retweet timely, interesting and relevant information

Avril Tweet


  • Hashtags help organize Tweets into topics and silos
  • Airport codes are popular hashtags
  • Making your own is easy but growing it can be a daunting task

Kanye Tweet

Direct Message

  • Twitter does have a private message feature
  • These messages are only visible by the recipient and sender
  • Sometimes these get confused with Tweets and private messages are accidentally made public

(I don’t have a visual example of a direct message because: a) The celebrity Tweet generator doesn’t do direct messages OR b) My celebrity friends usually don’t send me direct messages, they call or text me instead)

* These celebrities are not my friends… yet

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