Cool Uses For Google Keyword Tools1)      Countries & Linguistics

Depending on the country your advertising in you should consider using alterative keywords.  Take for example the keyword “cell phone”- in many parts of the world, this is called a simply a “mobile”. Another example is the keyword “aluminum” – which is spelt “aluminium” elsewhere in the world .  By segmenting and searching for keywords based on specific countries, you can be sure you’re targeting the right keywords, and getting the right message across to your customers.

2)      Mobile Statistics

The mobile internet will soon surpass desktop usage.  It’s an emerging channel that very few Adwords Marketers are using – therefore, the CPC is very low.  Regardless, mobile users are drastically different than their desktop counterparts – use this tool to gear ads specifically for them.

3)      Competition

If you’ve got a limited budget, targeting keywords with little or no competition is great way to keep your CPC down.  The “Filter Keywords” section allows you to do this with
low, medium or high check boxes.  You may find that by targeting common miss-spellings of certain words your can get great return at a really low cost.  Using this tool can give you a great idea of the most common miss-spellings of your keywords.

We hope you enjoyed this post on cool advanced targeting options for Google’s Keyword Tool – this is just a taste, take some time to play around with the tool, you’ll be surprised at the type of functionality it offers.

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