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What makes a good attraction? I visited @calgaryzoo on my vacation and took a few notes - https://t.co/U1ecMbvVxq https://t.co/E70rASHPw1
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Here are 2 very deserving recipients of our prestigious "Employee of the Month" award. Our summer students Jibril (MacEwan University) and Mat (University of Lethbridge) are wrapping up their time with us this week. Thanks for all of your outstanding ...
Guess how we're spending our lunch? Dissecting the Women's 20KM Race Walk of course...
What's the best product to market? A great product! We took a "road trip"* to the Calgary Zoo to examine what makes it so great. - http://bit.ly/MakingaGreatAttraction

It wasn't really a "road trip". Brian was on vacation and took ...
Junior Ranger Brian majestically patrolling Mount Rushmore.

We're having some fun with National Park Service's neat "Pic Your Park" web app where you can put yourself in an American National Park. You can try it out here: bit.ly/PicYourPark
Just a FYI for our staff. Don't worry... you've still got some time... https://t.co/aMm0Qhe3Wu
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This morning @bsiddle and @BryanYTL are teaching us youngins' about the different types of floppy disks there used to be... ^Ed
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