A Look Inside Our World

Let's use this Throwback Thursday to look through the history of our office spaces. From our weekly meetings at Business Link (with Duncan working remotely on the TV), to our windowless basement office at Unit B Coworking, to our current ...
Our favouite Australian - "DJ Shrimp on the Barbie" #droppinbeats https://t.co/9keWfZ8FMl
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Friday Fun Fact: Someone in the office just said "I LOVE @DollyParton" - can you guess who?
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Ever look up from your computer and realize that the entire office (minus you) is in a meeting? ^Brian
At Ikea with @BryanYTL . Trying to sneak this stuffed toothbrush in the cart. Maybe he won't see it... ^Brian https://t.co/23kHDvn6VH
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Everybody - yeeeah.
Rock your body - yeeeah.

Throwback Thursday to Strong Coffee's boy band days. If these 4 formed a boy band - what would their band name be?
Our designer Jenna gives us some tips on how to avoid creating weak images. If you enjoy creating and sharing bad pictures, you should probably avoid reading this - http://bit.ly/weakimages
New artwork comes in and it takes about 3 seconds for someone to start pretending it's a shield. Happy Friday everyone!