1. Are you Type A or Type B or Type C?

Your brand personality will help depict what sort of voice, tone and topics to be used in social. These factors help answer the what, when and how when figuring how to develop and implement social content.

2. Don’t talk to everyone

The people you want to get to know, engage with, and potentially support your brand are just a fraction of the market out there. So let’s figure out who will benefit (and be satisfied) most from your product/service experience and stay connected with them.

Social Media Locations

3. Location, location, location

We believe in less is more when it comes to utilizing social channels. Are you already on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest AND Snapchat? If that’s the case, then we really need to talk about how well you are keeping all those profiles engaged and updated.

Measure Success

4. Be realistic about success

As social media becomes a standard ‘free’ marketing tool, determining what actually represents social media marketing success has become a hot topic. Are page likes important? What about shares? Most importantly, does your social encourage sales?

Learn how to connect with more people on social.