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1. Doing the groundwork

Data drives everything we do. We use data as our input to drive incredible output. We work with your data sources - whether that be your experiences, your employees, your website analytics, your company goals, your social profiles or previous campaign results, we'll gather as much information as possible to build a data-driven and well-grounded digital advertising campaign strategy. We establish reachable benchmarks and goals, and begin our work to achieve them.

2. Finding audiences

Let's unleash the power of this foundational research and delve into the depths of consumer insights, revealing a wealth of knowledge about your potential customers. We'll discover their geographical locations, age demographics, interests, social connections, and preferred hangouts. Armed with this understanding, our arsenal of cutting-edge tactics, including geofencing lists, behavioral lists, competitive targeting lists, and custom (1st & 3rd-party) audience lists, we can isolate core audiences and pave the way for a well-rounded campaign with a ton of insights and data. Get ready to witness the art of digital advertising in action as we bring your campaign to life with precision and expertise.

3. Finding the right mediums

We use this audience data and our experience with ad mediums to connect the dots between your target audience and your business goals. We put together the right advertising mix depending on that goal to help create awareness and drive interest, leads and sales to your business. Here’s what we specialize in:

  • Search Advertising

    Google Adwords & Microsoft
  • Display Advertising

    Google Network & Beyond
  • Social Advertising

    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Snapchat
  • Video Advertising

    YouTube, Tiktok & Socials
  • Digital Radio Advertising

    Spotify & Google Play
  • Other Advertising

    Programmatic, Digital TV & Billboards

4. Ad & concept development

At this point in the process, we step into a realm of creativity as we unveil our expertise in ad creation and concept development. During this pivotal stage, we present you with the carefully crafted concepts and messaging designed to achieve your campaign's goals and objectives. We'll delve into visual mockups that bring your vision to life, captivating your audience and driving interest and sales. If the campaign calls for it, our landing page designs will seamlessly blend design and functionality, delivering exceptional user experiences on any device. We'll send final versions for approval, and get set up to launch.

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5. Data Reporting

Throughout the campaign, we are monitoring performance and media spend, making tweaks, testing, and optimizing everything from keywords to targeting - based solely on what the data is telling us. Data drives every decision we decision we make, not hunches, not guesses. We look at the whole picture, and provide detailed and comprehensive reporting that aligns to our initial strategy and goals. We'll provide actionable data points, not high-level stats and numbers.

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