Google Adwords Quality Score TipsYour Quality Score is your friend – it’s Google’s version of a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on the relevancy of your ad, your keywords and your landing page. The better your quality score, the better your ad positioning and the cheaper you pay per click.

Here are three simple ways to improve your Google Adwords Quality Score for your online marketing campaigns:

1)     Match Keywords to Ad Copy

If you’re a smart Adwords advertiser, you likely know the benefits of grouping similar keywords to help your CTR. Make sure that when you build your ad, the exact keywords you’re targeting appear in the copy.  If you can do it, twice, or even three times, that’s awesome – just make sure the ad still makes sense, and reads well.  If you can fit your keyword in the “Display URL” as well  – do it.

2)     Match Landing Pages To Keywords & Ad Copy

If you’re targeting the word “smartphones” in your ad copy – you better be sending them to a page that talks about “smartphones”.  If your landing page talks about “iPhones”, “Blackberry’s” and “Android” you’ve missed the boat. Make absolutely sure that your keywords appear on your landing page as much as possible.

3)     Reduce Your Bounce Rates

Google looks at Bounce Rates when determining your Quality Score.  If your “clickers” leave your page almost immediately after landing on it – that’s called a “bounce”. This is a sign to Google that the information displayed on the page was not very relevant – and your Quality Score will be thusly affected.  Adding pictures, video, or a simple form is a great way to ensure your visitor sticks around on your landing page.  Get your visitor to stick around longer, and Google will reward you with a higher Quality Score.

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