It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in, if you have engaging and worthwhile content, the audience will follow. Content creation is one of on the most time consuming process in digital marketing.

I’m Justin, the new writer in residence at Strong Coffee Marketing. Previously, my experience comes from the radio industry. I was a content producer for a morning radio show and besides learning how to get up at an unholy hour, I have learnt a few things about content creation.

For Content Creation it Starts with the Hook Headline

We live in a skim and scan society. People skim over your headlines and hopefully scan your content. Even cognitive neuroscientists like Maryanne Wolf at Tuft’s University are interested in the digital phenomenon. Wolf and other neuroscientists agree that the human brain is developing new circuits to skim and scan the flow of information online.

With this in mind, we can see why the headline is so important to our content. Without the intrigue of a worthwhile headline, that promise of value, we can see why some content gets over looked in the heap that is created every day.

In the radio industry we use the idea of a 80/20 tease. Here you want to hook the audience with about 80% of the story in one talk break (the headline) and bring them back for the next with the promise of the last 20%, or the resolution. Give the listener (or reader) just enough of the story so that they have to hear how it ends.

For Content Creation Show the Value and Show it Fast

It’s a pretty simple proposition. I will read your blog, return to your website, or follow you on social media if there’s something in it for me. If I get what I am looking for from your content I’ll probably return for more.

The value of your content needs to be clear from the get go. What problem are you going to solve for me, what new information is going to be provided, is this something I need to know or want to know?

The value of your content doesn’t need to complicated, sometime it’s right in front of you.

Engage with Fewer Words for Content Creation

Get to the point and get there quickly. No one wants to doddle around when they’re looking for an answer or a punchline. Choose your words carefully and get rid of the other junk. You only have a short time to engage, so do it quickly.

Consistency is Key When it Comes to Content Creation

Think about why you return to a particular website every morning. More often then not, it’s because you know the information you’d like to have is going to be there and ready for you. The consistent value you get is what brings you back.

There’s a saying in radio: ‘you’re only as good as your last show’. The point the grey hairs were trying to get across is pretty simple, your latest performance is the one that counts. The same idea can be applied when talking about industry blogs and social media – the content may be different but the idea is the same.

If the content you create for either social media, your website, or your blog is engaging and worthwhile every time, the audience will always return for more

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