Google Keyword Tool Cool TipsGoogle’s Keyword tool is not just for advertisers.  There are many ways to use it to help start-up businesses, building websites, blog content and more.  In this blog post we’ve listed 5 creative ways to use this tool that you probably haven’t thought of yet.

1)      Find Keywords For Your Website Content

If you’re in the process of writing a new website for your business, you’ll want to use Google’s Keyword tool religiously when building out your content plan.  Gearing your copy towards specific commonly-searched keyword will make a huge difference in your organic search results.  Or on the other spectrum, you may want to go after lesser-used search terms to avoid competition.  Regardless of your path, this tool is a must.

2)      Research Your Competition’s Keywords

If you’re looking to improve your SEO ranking’s on Google – take a look at your competition’s keywords.  Do your’s align? Work on tweaking your content and copy to fit the exact keywords you’re after, or better yet – ones your competition has missed.

3)      Focus Blog Keywords to Improve Adsense Income

If you’re a blogger who uses Google Adsense ads to help bring in some revenue, you can use this tool to help gear your blog posts towards higher paying keywords. By using the CPC tool, you can get a good idea on new blog topics to go after to help improve your Adsense income.

4)      Get Ideas on CPC for Keywords

If you’re an Adwords advertiser, you can use Google’s Keyword tool to gauge your potential CPC on these keywords and their search volume.  You can also use this tool search out keywords that can get the job done but for a lower CPC.

5)      Check Your Ad Landing Pages to Ensure they Match Your Keywords

Another great use for the Keyword Tool is using the webpage search tool to determine if your ad landing pages are indeed matching the keywords you’re targeting and in your ads.  As we know from a previous post – this is a great way to improve your Quality Score and reduce your CPC.

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