Foursquare is on the brink of exploding into the social media market.  This GPS-based game has already amassed a large, tech-savvy following that business of all types can leverage to help gain new, loyal customers. Getting setup on Foursquare and getting noticed, is free, easy and simple.  In this article we’ll cover the basics of getting your business setup on Foursquare, and some tips to get you on your way.

1)   Add your Business

The good news here is that you may already have been added to Foursquare by some of your loyal customers, the bad news, is that you may be ill-represented.  If your business is already listed, take the time to ensure all the information is accurate and relevant.  If not, signing-up is quick and easy – just click the “add this place” button. Take the time to fill out the entire form.

2)   Add your friends

Much like Facebook, you can add friends to your Foursquare account by using the tools provided – by allowing Foursquare access to your Gmail, Twitter, or Facebook accounts. Since Foursquare has a small but loyal following, it’s likely few of your friends are already using the service, but that’s okay.  Link up your Foursquare account to your Facebook and/or Twitter to share Foursquare updates, tips and your whereabouts – this will ultimately help you find new friends.

3)   Get Fousquare’ing

Your company is now signed-up and so are you. Start checking-in wherever possible, your work, your coffee hangout, supermarket, movies, you name it.  Also, add businesses that have not signed up yet to help encourage more game play (don’t worry, without the company signing themselves up, and offering coupons and discounts, there is no real monetary gain to being on Foursquare). The more places you check-in and active you become, the further your updates will reach. The time commitment here is very low, we’re talking a mere 45 seconds to check-in to a location.

4)   Add Tips & Advertise

As you’re out and about doing your daily routine, checking in to various locations, you may see promotions or sales at various locations – or better yet your company may have some of their own.  Share these deals and promotions in the “tips” section of Foursquare.  Not only is this a good way to gain fans, it also gives you an opportunity to have targeted promotions for Foursquare customers. Consider advertising your promotions in store as well.

5)   Reward Loyalty

Foursquare’s platform is designed to offer discounts and coupons when a frequent customer “checks-in” enough times. Consider offering your customers coupons based on the their Foursquare rank, this is a fun and engaging way of rewarding customer loyalty. If you’re continuously checking-in to your work, it’s likely you’re “mayor” by now, and taking this opportunity away from your customer, so be sure to offer coupons at other ranks as well – or consider not checking in at work.

That’s it – you’re ready to start marketing with Foursquare! Above all have fun and try to keep an eye out for future GPS-based social games as well.  Facebook Deals recently launched, and they will be offering a similar service.  It won’t hurt your business to get involved in as many of these services as possible, the wider your reach, the better you can take advantage of these opportunities.


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