Bad LAnding Page IdeasYour ad landing page should be your bread and butter – this is your conversion page.  It has one single and solitary purpose – keep this in mind. There are too many ad landing pages out there that have way too much going on – pop-ups, ads, links, menus etc.  If you want to improve your conversion rate, you need to simplify your landing pages.  If you do, Google Adwords will also reward you with better Quality Scores and lower CPC (cost-per-click).

Here’s our list of 5 things to avoid on your ad landing pages:

1)     Pop-ups or Ads

Okay, let’s face it, everyone hates pop-ups. If you’re in the business of angering potential customers – go for it – otherwise, don’t even think about it.  When it comes to ads, you’ve already captured a potential lead for your product or service – why do you want to send them away to someone else? Get rid of your ads.

2)     Re-directs

If your landing page re-directs to another page – you have a re-direct set up. Google hates re-directs. It’s a big red flag for Google that something is fishy.  There’s no real point in using a re-direct unless you’re being misleading. So find a way not to use them.

3)     Bad Copy

If you simply copy and pasted your landing page copy from somewhere else – Google will know… and penalize you for it. Take the time to write some relevant, original ad copy that matches and uses the keywords in your ads. Google will thank you.

4)     Menus & Links

This is the most common mistake by advertisers.  A landing page should have one purpose – conversion.  If you load up your landing page with links to other content, menu’s blog posts etc – you’re just giving your visitor a reason to be distracted. Keep it clean, and simple to get across the information your lead needs.

5)     Slow Loading Pages

Don’t bog down your landing pages with too much video, streaming content, ads, pictures or whatever else that can slow you down.  Simplicity is key.  If your page cannot load fast enough, your visitor will leave, and Google will punish you.

What are your thoughts on this topic?  Do you have any other thoughts on things to avoid on your landing pages?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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