Linked In Advertising TipsWhat is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn positions itself as a social media platform for business professionals, it helps to keep you connect, or linked in with all of your business contacts, and offers the tools you need to create new ones.

What should I advertise?

Well this is up to you, many business professionals advertise themselves, many businesses advertise job postings, or targeted products. A LinkedIn profile is basically a resume, past work experience, education, personal interests, contacts and more – it’s a great place to advertise yourself.

Linked In advertising offers some very unique targeting abilities for ads, and this uniqueness has turned LinkedIn ads into a big hit. LinkedIn is the only social media profile that allows you to target individuals based on their profession.

Looking for Marketing Managers? You can target all budding Marketing coordinators, assistant manager and marketing managers across all job profiles. Looking for a Marketing Manager job? Advertise yourself to Marketing Directors and VP’s to get yourself noticed.

Many companies are starting to take advantage of this ad platform as well. Do you specialize in B2B? LinkedIn ads help get your message to the decision makers within thousands of companies. This capability is something that can really help you narrow in on your target market, and stop wasting money advertising to the wrong people.

What are the cons?

With all the great functionally of LinkedIn ads, there is one glaring problem. This platform does not work all that well for B2C type marketing. If you trying to sell red shoes on LinkedIn, you may run into issues… unlike Facebook which is more social in nature, LinkedIn is more business related. This means the clientele likely are not interested in buying shoes when they’re updating their profiles, or looking to hire new employees.

LinkedIn ads aren’t for everyone, but if used properly, they can get you connected to the right people.

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