For the purpose of this BuzzSumo Review try thinking about that friend that always seemed to know what was cool. Try thinking about friend that always seemed to have their finger on the pulse of what’s trendy and what was coming down the pipe that might actually make a splash. Try thinking about that friend that introduced you to your new favourite band, had fashion style you would later adopt and just seemed to always be evolving? So how do you become that person? How do you find the most shared content on social media?

We’re always trying out new things here at Strong Coffee Marketing like Periscope or Twitter videos and a great password manager called Passpack – but this time around we’d like to do a BuzzSumo review and help show your where to find the most shared content on social media.

Throughout our Buzzsumo review we’ve found that it kind of acts like that cool kid – introducing you to some of the freshest and most shared content on social media and it’s really caught our eye in the last couple of weeks.

Full disclosure: we’re using the free side of things on for this BuzzSumo review – and it’s already proven itself a powerful and worthwhile tool. They offer a few different subscription models which come with a boat load of different features to help refine your queries and perform some other impressive tasks but for this review of BuzzSumo we’ll stay on the free side and show you what’s up.

When you first land on the BuzzSumo site you’re presented with a search field and a brief introduction as to what this powerful beast can really do – show you what content is being shared the most on social media.

Pump in your topic and away we go.

BuzzSumo Review - landing field

BuzzSumo Review – How to Find the Most Shared Content

One of the first things you’ll notice is how BuzzSumo breaks down it’s most shared content. Showing you the total number of shares a particular piece of content got. BuzzSumo also breaks down the number of shares by social media platform – which is a fancy little feature to help you (at a glance) see what content is shared the most and on what social media platform.

BuzzSumo Review - Shared Content Results

Further refine your results on the sidebar and see what’s been shared the most on social media in the last 24 hours, the last week, last month, and further down the line. There’s a few other option to choose from but as this is a freemium service and we only get access to the timeline.

One of the most interesting things you can do is search what content is doing the best based on a particular URL. Check out your own website and see which of your blog posts are getting the most shares on social media or plug in your competitor’s website and see what content they’re creating gets the most shares on social media.

BuzzSumo Review - Competitor Shared Content

This side of the tool is one of the most useful things we’ve come for this BuzzSumo review. We want to see what other people in the our field are up to, how often our content is being shared on social media and what I can do help propel my own efforts when it comes to my content marketing. There is some invaluable information to dig into here and help you streamline your content marketing efforts and get more shares on social media.

“BuzzSumo kind of acts like that cool kid who introduces you to some sweet new content”

If you’re struggling for a new blog topic or a piece of content to create, BuzzSumo has become one of our favourite tools to help with the inspiration side of things. We like to dig in and see what others in the industry have been working on and where I can maybe fill in some gaps or extend some knowledge on the internet.

Use BuzzSumo to Review What’s Being Shared the Most

Another facet of this tool is the ‘Trending Now’ tab which is located on the top navigation bar of the webpage. Doing exactly what you think it might do, this tool shows you the content that is beginning to be shared the most on social media and starting to gain steam.

The ‘Trending Now’ side of things functions much as the same way as the ‘Most Shared’ tab – plug in a topic and see what’s trending today. For this test I have searched the term ‘digital marketing’ and am presented with some very topical and timely content – pretty neat.

BuzzSumo Review - What's Trending

BuzzSumo has a few content tabs already set up for you. These include some of the basics like ‘news’, ‘sports’ and a few others. You can customize what search terms you check out but on the free side of things you can only choose one. Switch in and out your search terms if you’d like to make multiple trending searches and see what’s being shared the most on social media.

There are some options to split up what time frame your trending content is set in and a few other options to goof around with which help make this tool even more powerful for both the research and inspiration side of things.

Morning Ritual: Find the Most Shared Content Faster with BuzzSumo

Every morning I wake up, wipe the sleep out of my eyes, try not to trip over anything or stub my toe on the way to the bathroom. I then hop in the shower, get dressed and get the coffee machine rocking. As I’m waiting for my coffee to brew I start my morning ritual of checking news feeds, creeping social media platforms, and pulling things aside to share later in the day.

BuzzSumo - Morning Ritual Coffee

In preparation for this BuzzSumo review we added it to our morning ritual. I can see what content is getting shared the most on social media surrounding any particular keywords, I can see if there’s been any big news in my field of content marketing that needs my attention, and I can get a sense of what’s happening in the world of marketing before I even sit down to start my work day. Basically we can see what’s being shared the most on social media faster than we could on Twitter or Facebook – and I love it.

Content curation should be apart of any decent content strategy – the idea being to share the things you think your audience might be interested in to help build your authority and grow your appeal as an influencer in a particular sphere – that’s the gist of it anyways.

What we learned in this BuzzSumo review is that it  might very well be a one stop shop when it comes to finding the most shared content on social media. Check out what’s trending in a refined topic, what has the most shares on social media in the last week, and whatever other little variations you might add to your search terms. The curation aspect of BuzzSumo is what first appealed to me when I started and it’s what keeps me coming back everyday.

If you’d like to find out a little be more about content curation, how to write blog posts that get shares, or need a little help with you contact marketing –Drop us a line, we’re always happy to help.

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