writing seo blog postsLet’s face it, content is king. Like many bloggers out there, I’m always looking for ways to quickly charge up the search engine rankings. Over the past 5 years of blogging and working on websites, I have come up with some pretty solid strategies for content writing that anyone and everyone should abide by. Here’s a few to get you started:

What’s your competition up to?

What keywords are you after? Maternity photography? Rocky road ice cream? Pink plush pillows? Take some time and do a little research into what your competition has done, review the top ten listings on Google and read their content – write down any trends you discover.

What makes you unique?

Take some time and write down at least five specific things that make you, your company or your services unique. This is your competitive advantage, this is what you need to write about.

How quickly do you get your point across?

Website visitors have short attention spans, if your content isn’t easy to follow or understand within the first 10 seconds landing on your page, you need to write better content. Great content titles to consider are product reviews, top five or ten lists, “how to” posts, and versus comparisons.

How good are your titles?

Good titles contain keywords and get your point across. Think of it this way, your title must speak to your readers, and the search engine robots. Now don’t go plugging your titles full of keywords just for the sake of it, that won’t get you anywhere. Write titles with good keywords that describe your content – and stick with it.

Getting your rankings to climb will require some time, but if you use these simple tips when writing your web content, you’re on the right track.

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