As the world moves more and more online, a new language has emerged. No, I’m not talking LOL, OMG or BRB, I’m talking the language of keywords, and how our keyword choices change based on a buyers intent, and on how we’re searching. For example, did you know people who use searches on mobile devices use fewer words and city names in their search query much more frequently than desktop users? Why? Because typing on mobile devices is difficult, and more often not, location based. In this post we’re going to take a closer look at how keywords change based on buyer behavior, let’s get to it.


In this stage, people are aware of the fact that they require something to fix a problem/need. For this example, we’ll use someone in need to clean house.

Keywords Used: House cleaning tips, house cleaning best practices, how best to clean a house, housekeeping tips


In this stage, the searcher is aware of some potential solutions to their problem/need and are searching for more information.

Keywords Used: Automatic cleaners, robot cleaners, robot vacuum, automatic cleaning


In this stage, the searcher has identified a clear product to fill their need and want to weigh the options before deciding to purchase.

Keywords Used: iClean Robot reviews, iClean Vacuum Robot pros & cons, iClean ratings, best robot vacuums iClean


In this stage, the searcher is ready to buy.

Keywords Used: iClean robot retailers, iClean robot online, buy iClean Robot, iClean robot prices


In this stage, the buyer has already purchased the product and want to learn more about their product.

Keywords Used: iClean forums, iClean tricks and tips, review the iClean robot, iClean accessories

By getting clever about how you target keywords in your ad campaign you can twiddle down and deduce in what stage of the buying cycle your customers are in.


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