No matter how tightly packed and competitive a market is, there’s always some need that is going unfulfilled. Customer desires are endless, and positioning your product in a way that captures a part of the market that all your competition has ignored – is great marketing.  The trick is, finding that niche.

Let me show you want I mean, run a Google search and take a close look at the first page of results, including the ads.  What you’ll notice is, for the most part, they are all positioned similarly, with slightly different approaches to grab the reader’s attention.  One may be focused on service, another price, and another on convenience – but even with all these corners covered, there’s some need that is not being met.

The best way to see what needs are going unmet is to determine what your visitors are looking for when they stumble across your website.  Have a look into your analytics, specifically at keywords or pages that are causing quick bounce rates.  If these keywords are relevant to your content, yet your customers are bouncing, you’re not fulfilling their needs.

The smoking gun with this approach comes when you find some search terms that relate to a customer desire that you and your competition are not fulfilling. You’ve just found a new niche in your market – and it’s time to take advantage!

This technique is a great tool to use over and over to attract new and highly target business to your company. Give it a try!


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