If you’ve read some of our other blog posts over the past few months, you’ll know that we enjoy collecting and analyzing social media listening data. Sometimes we come across really interesting information and other times we reaffirm things we already knew.

Back in December we thought we’d use NUVI to follow #theforceawakens across Canada as the new Star Wars movie was released. It’s safe to say that there were a few people interested in the film and the hashtag was widely used. We didn’t really have a goal in monitoring the hashtag but hoped we could pull out some interesting nuggets of information.

We saw a few fairly predictable trends in the data (including spikes in mentions as it was announced that the movie achieved certain revenue records) but we wanted something cool and fun. So we turned our focus to Canadian businesses and celebrities that chose to use the hashtag in funny (and strange) ways. High fives for hopping on a trend I guess…

Here were a few of our favourities…

The Vancouver Canucks use the Force

I’m not a Canucks fan but kudos to them for getting on board. Maybe they’ll use the Force to make the playoffs…



Prime Minister Trudeau Saw it Before You Did

I guess the Prime Minister can pull a few strings and see movies early (this picture was taken 3 days before the official release). Good on him for bringing some friends along!



The B.C. Lions Had an Unexpected Guest

That’s quite the park job. I’m no photo editing expert but I have a feeling that this picture is doctored….



This Guy Could Probably Take Darth Vader in a Fight

My money is on George…


Yoda the Weatherman

This is both creepy and funny at the same time…


Some Pretty Good Lightsabre Skills

The Hootsuite Owl knows how to use a lightsabre apparently….

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats Are the Winners

They might not be able to win the big game, but they come out as winners in our books…

(FYI… they are really good on social media..)

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