Ever heard of remarketing?  It’s one of the most exciting new types of online advertising in the market today.  Put simply, it combines the analytics generated from the pages you visit on a website, and allows marketers to target you with relevant ads about the content you viewed.  For example, say you’re thinking of going traveling to Cabo and you’re reviewing hotel websites in the area. If a website is using remarketing ads, they can collect data on your visit and serve you ads on any website you visit that uses the Google Ad Network (which consists of millions of websites).

Remarketing ads Edmonton

Here’s the process most remarketing ads take:
Visitor comes to a website and views a couple of pages then leaves. A cookie is placed on their computer and ads are served for this website throughout the Google ad network in attempts of directing customers back to that site to hopefully perform a desired action/sale.

Here’s why this approach is wrong:

Remarketing ads give you access to a whole bunch of user data that needs to be used to provide relevant and enticing ads to the end user based on their stage on the buying cycle.  Simply sending them back to your homepage is a waste of your marketing dollars.

Remarketing Ads Edmonton

With a little creativity you can help siphon customers in different stages of the buying cycle through to a conversion, and even follow-up with them afterwards.

Here’s an example of an ideal remarketing ad approach:

A user visits your widget website and views ABC and DEF widgets on Widgets R’ Us, before leaving the site.

Then while surfing a widget review blog sees an ad for Widget R’ Us offering a deal on both ABC and DEF widgets. He clicks it, and then views a blog page on using ABC widgets for hanging heavy picture frames. Before leaving the site again.

Again, while searching a news website, the customer next sees a limited time offer on ABC widgets, that are specifically made for heavy picture frames. He goes to the site and makes a purchase.

60 days after the purchase, the customer is surfing the web, and comes across an ad for a $5 coupon at Widgets R Us’ in return for filling out survey on ABC widgets. He fills out the form, and a $5 coupon is e-mailed to him.

You’ll notice that this approach not only takes into account what pages a user visits, but also where they are located in the buying cycle.  This ad campaign covers users from the initial exploratory stage through to purchase and then a follow-up, which includes a data capture element. This is how remarketing should be performed.

If you haven’t started remarketing ads for your business, its time to chat to Strong Coffee and wake up to the opportunities this new ad platform offers.  Did you know remarketing ads can help increase conversions by over 50%? Let us work with you to setup a remarketing ad campaign designed to not only attract new customers but convert them as well.

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