So you’re thinking of taking your new company to the World Wide Web eh? Like most new start-ups, you’re planning on seriously leveraging social media to build communities around your products and brand.  Awesome!

Here’s a tip that most business don’t abide by:

If you’re about to swim in the social media marketing pool, know this: to build your credibility, use the same user name across all your social media channels.

We’ve come across a great tool to help you find out the best username to utilize, it’s called


How it works:

You enter your ideal username, and it will search various social media platforms to see if that username is available.

Our suggestion?  Develop a social media strategy and determine the social media platforms you intend on using.  Next, find a user name that aligns to your company name that’s available on those channels.

Using this tool first will ensure a consistent user name across all your social media channels – a must have in building your credibility and integrity online.

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