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It’s a busy time here at SCM, and as autumn starts moving into winter and we all become swept up in the early stages of holiday chaos, it becomes more important than ever to allocate time to take care of a very important member of your business team – your social media presence. By keeping your social media relationships strong and consistent, you are creating a foundation for your business to remain relevant and talked-about, even during company downtime.  Here are a few guidelines on how to keep your social media presence healthy and vibrant.

Ask questions. The voices that comprise your audience want to be heard. People love to chime in, particularly on topical news. Link to a pertinent and thought-provoking article or interview and encourage reader feedback by posing a relevant question or two about the topic at hand. If it’s a slow news week, check in anyway – take the opportunity to ask the audience what they want to see more of or ask what projects they are working on.

Listen actively. Comment sections on your social media pages don’t just provide commentary – they provide valuable learning tools for you and your team. Take note of what is being discussed and do your research. If someone in your audience knows something you don’t, take the opportunity to find out. Pay special attention to feedback offered that relates directly to your company and thank your audience for their time and input. Don’t forget to highlight your company contact info – lively discussion may very well facilitate new interest in your business.

Stay involved. Commenting isn’t just for your audience. Return to posts early and often and become part of the conversation. Don’t clog up the comments with follow-up remarks to the original post, but rather stick to answering questions and acknowledging comments that have received a lot of attentions. Like, retweet or favourite thoughtful comments. When you recognize a reader for participating, they are all the more likely to do so again.

Protect the company voice. Encourage lively debate but be wary of the controversial – keep in mind company policies in place to protect your social media voice from becoming polarized either way on a hot-button issue. Keep all of your interactions in the comments section light, consistent and pleasant and wherever possible, stick to facts and generalizations. Be personable, but be professional.

Whether you are on Facebook or Twitter, YouTube or your company blog, keep these tips in mind and open up the channels of communication. Your audience is a valuable wealth of feedback and new and exciting industry information – build and nurture your relationships with them and elevate your business to the next level!

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