Good morning everyone.  Hoping the snow isn’t getting you down, spring is around the corner, or at least it should be… anyway, back to the task at hand.  Today I’m going to share with you a really cool new tool that allows you to get a weekly infographic of your Google Analytics stats sent straight to your inbox.  The program is called, and it provides you with a high-level, easy-to-digest breakdown on how your website is doing this week, and compares it to previous weeks.  Now if you’re looking for more details, this program may not be for you, but it’s still cool to see it in operation.

This tool gives you high-level weekly stats on:

  • – Web visitors
  • – Impressions
  • – New vs. Returning Visitors
  • – On-Site Behaviour
  • – Social Media referrals
  • – SEO trends
  • – and Bounce Rate

See a sample report below:



All in all, not too shabby.  In our books, this new tool is a great way to keep tabs on your websites performance without really making the effort to discern and analyze the data in your Google Analytics accounts. We strongly suggest you give it a try!

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