Hey everyone, its been awhile since I last posted from my New York office, and there’s been good reason.  As many of you know I was in Edmonton again to catch up with family and friends over the holiday.  Now that I’m back in the Big Apple, work begins again, but not without many snowstorm interruptions, that make wanting to leave the apartment a rare occurrence.  I was able to get out just last week after a session of morning hot yoga – highly recommended if you don’t mind sweating your butt off, and don’t have morning work requirements (I take advantage of the time delay).

I visited Midtown East (near my yoga studio), and was trying to discover a nice coffee place with free Wifi to sit and get some work done.  After asking some locals, I found my way over to a coffee place specializing in authentic Colombian (not spelt ‘Columbian’ as I’ve learned) coffee.  The place is called Juan Valdez and is located just along 57th street off the corner of Lexington Avenue.

They had a great atmosphere and made a delicious latte, which I sipped and enjoyed working on some reporting. It will definitely be on my list of places to return to.  Until next time, when I plan on hitting up a coffee shop in Midtown famous for its super-high-end brews.

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