[wpgmza id=”2″] Hey everyone, we’re back with another instalment of our ‘work outing around Manhattan’.  Today’s free WiFi experience was much more enjoyable, and frankly peaceful, beautiful and all sorts of other descriptors along those lines. Where was I at?  Well this time, because it was sunny and warm, I decided to work outside in a location I had spotted a few weeks back.  A fair ways uptown, I hunkered down on the cafe patio in the Barnard campus grounds overlooking a spectacular cherry blossom tree.

I know right? Sounds awful.  I know my colleagues are suffering from winter depression back in Edmonton, so I’ll try not to make too big of a deal out of it, I’ll just let this picture speak for itself.


The New York Office


This spot while lacking in plug-ins has strong WiFi signal around the cafe (and under the tree, as you will soon see), plenty of chairs and tables to sit on, and a nearly cafe serving Starbucks coffee, and espresso!  The tables I worked on, and seats I sat on out on the patio were standard patio furniture – and all black, which got quite hot to work on in a hurry.  I worked at the table for a few hours, then after the full force of the sun was one me (which was wonderful by the way), I decided to take shade and work under the cherry blossom tree.  The grounds were an overall great place to get some work done, with few interruptions, and I got to say, being outside made it so much better.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Ambience & Productivity

Okay, as most of you know, working outside with a computer is not always the easiest when you take into account the glare you get from the sun.  I had to shift around a few times while sitting on the patio to get into the best possible position to see my screen, and even then it was sort of a stretch to say it was a “comfortable work environment” – but hey, at least I was outside enjoying the sun. When I moved under the cherry blossom tree, my view of my screen dramatically improved, but obviously laying on the ground is not the best “working position”. With all that said, I got a bunch done, had a great environment to do it in – with plenty of other student enjoying the sun quietly beside me, and minimal distractions.  I really enjoyed this spot, and definitely will be back for some short work sessions as it was delightful.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

My Experience

After my less than stellar time work session at the David Rubenstein Atrium – this spot renewed my faith in this little project of mine.  Even if my stay was brief (3 hours), working here put a smile on my face, allowed me to bask in the sun, and really enjoy the stunning cherry blossom tree before me.  I’ll honestly have a hard time finding a spot that matches this one in its beauty.

P.S. Did I mention the coffee was from Starbucks?

Overall Rating: 9.5/10


What can be said?  I love being outdoors and there are few outdoor free WiFi spots as wonderful as this one.  Highly recommended, and I will see you there again soon. I have a feeling this spot is going to be a hard one to beat.  We’ll soon find out. See plenty of pictures of my experience below!

Overall Rating: 25/30

The New York Office The New York Office The New York Office

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