Yelp recently launched a new tool over at Yelp Wordmap, and what this tool does is amalgamate the thousands of Yelp reviews out there and identify trends in word use on reviews, and plotted those based on the businesses location. Pretty cool stuff.  While this tool is very new, only has about 20 cities and has only identified a handful of words to be displayed on a wordmap, it still can help make you a better marketer through Google Adwords. Understanding customer behaviour and getting candid feedback from customers are two crucial elements to the marketing picture, and Yelp has just handed this over to ‘with-it advertisers’.

Take this map for example:


If I were an advertiser on the Lower East Side, this map would immediately identify ‘yuppies’ as a likely market for my business. And while using ‘yuppy’ in your ad may not be the best idea (it may work phenomenally, who knows), it should help give you some new ideas on how to position your business, and who to position it to.  If customers are identifying your establishment as a place for yuppies, then the words sale, discount, bargain and special likely don’t need to be on your ads.  Conversely, words like top-shelf, luxurious, sophisticated, dress code and by invite only should be.

If you’ve got Adwords clients in these areas, we strongly suggest you identify some wordmap trends and look for opportunities to gear your keywords and ads towards them.  Cool stuff!

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