Strong Coffee Marketing Google Adwords Certified
It’s true. We, like many other marketing agencies around the world have been utilizing Google ads to help drive our customer’s new clients, new leads and new business. Unlike many of them, we’re now fully certified to do it.

If you thought the SBX crew loved acronyms before, we’re excited to announce that we’ve recently become fully certified in a few others — acronyms such as CPC, CPM, CTR and words like quality score, contextual targeting and remarketing are now apart of our vocabulary. Our very own SBX’er, Duncan McGillivray spent hours reading over the 300+ page Adwords training documentation, and going through countless post-it notes and highlighters to boot, is now a Google Adwords certified individual. After completing four hours of grueling, mind-numbing testing, Duncan was able to pass with flying colors.

We’re excited to announce this feat, and even more excited to share that our company is now a Google Adwords certified partner.  Even Google thinks this is cool (and Google doesn’t lie), so that’s why they gave us a badge to prove it.  Feel free to test its authenticity by clicking it.

Now, we’re just a little bit happier to have Duncan managing our online advertising campaigns for all our clients.

Congrats to us!

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