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My First Two Months at Strong Coffee

Hello, my name is Edward Spethmann and I am the newest member of the Strong Coffee team. I started on in March as the Communications Coordinator. Strong Coffee Marketing has provided me with an amazing opportunity that I have really enjoyed thus far.

I’ve learned a lot in my first couple months at Strong Coffee. One of the main concepts at Strong Coffee is the belief in education and training. This approach of training is taken both with clients as well as staff. Whenever the chance arises, one of the partners will walk me through what they are doing and teach me a new step to the overall process of what we do. For example, the other day Duncan showed me the process of making a Google ad using Photoshop and I learned a couple of different things.

My background is largely in writing and editing. The Strong Coffee team have allowed me to improve on some of my other skills (the more technical skills so-to-speak) and each time I have made a mistake the focus has been on teaching me and helping me understand why or what caused the mistake. This approach has helped me learn a number of different things in areas I have less experience.

The Strong Coffee team is a fun group to work with. Whether it’s going to sushi with Bryan and Trevor, getting a mini tour of Edmonton from Brian (I just moved to Edmonton from Ottawa in January), grabbing lunch with Nic, or playing foosball with Duncan, there’s almost always something exciting going on at lunchtime. We’ve also gotten to know our neighbours at Unit B¬†through the salad days that go on a couple times a month. Frequently, Brian or Bryan have a funny video, interesting website, or thoughtful article for the day that they share with rest of the team to check out. These often spark my creativity or direction with the project I am working on, in the most unexpected way.

Working with a wide variety of fun clients makes the job that much more enjoyable. The group at Strong Coffee makes it a great place to work, combining background knowledge and expertise with a fun and approachable attitude.

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