With nearly 91% of all consumers having unsubscribed from an opt-in company e-mail, or fanpages you can likely relate to this rationale.  The number one reason, with more than 90% of consumers agreeing – is too frequent, irrelevant or boring communications from companies.  The days of people getting excited about receiving an e-mail or status update are long gone.  Nowadays, interesting marketing e-mails are now few and far between.

The point? If you’re sending relevant, interesting and unique content to your subscribers, whether that’s via e-mail, on your blog (rss feeds), or Facebook Page, great, but don’t overload them. If you’re not, start.  Companies like Groupon thrive in the e-mail medium because the message is highly relevant, simple, dependable, and time-sensitive. The e-mail arrives early morning, and is often the first e-mail business professional’s read when they get into work.

When it comes to customer communications, don’t overload them.

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