When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook is a huge powerhouse. Now with Facebook launching the initial details behind their Facebook Mail this past Monday, there is no doubt in our minds that they will retain their powerhouse status.

Facebook Mail’s biggest feature, besides tying in to your personal Facebook profile is its ability to categorize your e-mail. Here’s the deal. As a default, you only see the e-mails or messages from people who are your friends; anything else gets filtered into a separate folder.  Say goodbye to spam. You can also customize which e-mails get sent where from senders outside of your Facebook friendslists.

Facebook Mail will also combine all of your emails, Facebook messages, SMS and other chats and conversations in one place. This one-stop-shop is aptly being called the “Social Inbox”. This simple inter-connectivity would allow you to interact on twitter from Facebook, or your phone or anywhere. The point is – Facebook is working to become the hub for all social communities, messaging and e-mail online.

Zuckerberg insists this new feature won’t make Gmail obsolete, but it’s really hard to say, if Facebook create the ultimate “social inbox tool”, it may do just that.

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