There is a lot of dispute over which is better, writing content for search-engine robots, or for the viewers the search engines send. You’ll find varying opinions everywhere. In our opinion, it’s best to write titles and subtitle for the bots, but always keep in mind that your main content needs to make sense for your consumers as well.

Here’s our thought process:

Getting ranked #1 on Google can really help boost your organic traffic. To do this you have to be smart about keyword usage, and utilize some SEO best practices. Many of which are not customer facing. For those that are, like header tags and titles – be sure to use a smart engaging titles with good, relevant keywords. The bots will like you, and rank you well.

When it comes to content – write for your end user, but try to incorporate the same keywords you used in your titles. Keep in mind, Google hates keyword stuffing. Google has algorithms to determine if you’re stuffing keywords into your content to the point that it’s just nonsense. Besides, you’re not even considering the real people who will actually buy from you. To that end, keyword stuffing is pointless – you’re better off trying to rank well for one keyword, than have a mediocre ranking for many.

Our tip? Stick to one or two keywords per article, and be diligent in using them throughout the content.

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