youtube seoNot many people know that Youtube has recently surpassed Yahoo to become the second-largest search engine, behind Google.

Let me show you something. Open up Google in a new window. Type in “how to clean silver”, press enter. What do you see? Two Youtube videos sitting in the number two spot. Pick another topic of “how to” and you’ll start to see a trend. Youtube videos rank very well on search engines, sometimes better than companies websites themselves. A great example is the recent “Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” ads – typing in “Old Spice ads” in Google – jumps down to the number three spot on the Google rankings.

What are the tricks to getting ranked well for your Youtube videos? Well, much like your website, there’s a couple ways to get your message above the clutter… and here are some simple tips:

• Make a professional, and high resolution video

• Pick a clear, concise and well-written title for your video

• Take the time to add a good description and keyword tags

• Add links to your social media accounts in the description

• Share your video on your other social media accounts

• Encourage people to view your video through external links

• Encourage comments, and reply to feedback that the video generates

These few tips should give you a good head start. If  you’re struggling to reach the top of the search engine rankings with your site, create a video that focuses on your keywords, and you may be surprised by the results.

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