9 Digital ‘Things to-do’ When Expanding Your Business

You’re expanding. That’s great — and a sign of a healthy, growing business. Getting word out is a priority, but what makes the most sense? How can I begin to show up online in this new market, and how can I begin to generate new leads and business here? Is it as simple as putting…

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Three Powerful Ways For Candidates To Use Online Advertising To Win Elections

Recently in Edmonton, a total of 119 candidates put their names on ballots for mayor, council or school trustee as the municipal elections got underway.  There are also elections going on in municipalities across Alberta this month. Each candidate has all of 4 weeks, to make their case, let their voice be heard, and encourage…

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The Buying Cycle & Advertising Mediums

Advertising has always been a numbers game. It’s about return on investment – how much new sales are generated from an advertising campaign, and how does that affect the bottom line. We recently took a closer look at why there’s been such a major shift in marketing dollars towards online since advertising on the web…

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