Content is a pretty big deal in our world. It makes websites more interesting, social media more appealing and gives context to ads. We often see companies spend lots of resources on the delivery of content but very little on the actual content. Doesn’t make much sense huh?

One of the most vital roles within an agency like ours is the Content Developer. Here are five reasons why you might want to keep these people in your good books (as written by an actual Content Creator):

  1. We have a way with words

If writing is our jam, then content development is our toast. Our complete obsession with words is the entire backbone of how we do what we do, so we like to think we know a thing or two about how to string them together. If you know what you want to say but don’t know exactly how to say it, have no fear! The content developer heroes are here. It’s our mission to figure out the most effective way to get a point across, utilize SEO while doing it, and tie everything together in a way that intrigues the reader. It may sound like a lot of work, but we wouldn’t want it any other way. After all, if Batman turned away from a villain because it seemed like too much work, who would save Gotham city? Think of us as your literary heroes, here to save your content.

  1. We research everything

Have an incredible idea but aren’t sure of the nitty gritty details? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Part of the reason why content developers are some of your favourite people is that we research everything (and then research it again). If we don’t understand something inside and out then we aren’t at liberty to write about it. Since it isn’t in our blood to let an amazing idea slip by, we put the pedal to the metal and start researching. It may be because of our extreme desire to learn everything about everything, or it may be because of the ridiculously high standards we set for everything we create. Regardless, we usually end up becoming an expert on whatever subject comes our way.

  1. We are hardwired with grammar on the brain

Need something edited? Have a few questions about syntax? Don’t sweat it. Friends help friends, and you just happen to be friends with total grammar nerds. Whether you need something looked over and edited, or just need to be certain that your content will come out flawless, content developers will put your mind at ease. Comma splices are no match for us, misplaced modifiers don’t stand a chance, and sentence fragments? Puh-lease! Content developers are basically just walking grammar correctors. The best part is we work as the ultimate grammar-perfecting team, so if something happens to slip through the cracks, someone will be there to catch it.

  1. We always have at least ten ideas floating around our minds

If you were to cut open the mind of a content developer, you’d probably find a pool of ideas floating around. Content developers are always thinking of new ideas we can bring to life and the best way to do it. Creativity is in our blood, and it’s how we’re able to become storytellers through our work. We don’t just see an idea as an idea; we see it as the starting block to an adventure we can’t wait to unfold. So, if you ever find yourself thinking, “How do content creators write for hours and not run out of ideas?” You can blame it on our oversized imaginations and desire to create. Or maybe we’re just literary chatterboxes. I’ll let you decide.

  1. We understand the importance of teamwork

Although we’d love to take all the credit for the content we produce, we know it takes an army. We are just one piece of the puzzle, and working with the rest of the incredible Strong Coffee Marketing team is how we create a masterpiece. Combining everyone’s unique talents and skills are vital to the success of our digital marketing. Not only do we understand this, but it also happens to be one of the many reasons why we love our job. (Can we still call it a job if we’re just doing what we love all day?) We’re lucky enough to be a part of an amazing team, and it’s how we’re able to do what we do. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.

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