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1. Get Your Bearings

What is 360-degree camera technology? 360-degree technology has come a long way in the last decade. Starting out as a self-made rig of cameras stitching the images together using software, to single units producing fully stitched video with stereoscopic sound in real-time. The content from 360-degree technology is best viewed through a headset that allows the viewer to immerse themselves into the visuals, and control it by their own movements. This technology brings photos and videos to life in incredible new ways.

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2. Build A Plan

360-degree video production is the next generation of video, but that doesn't mean it's perfect for every situation. It's unique ability to immerse a viewer into a video requires content worthy of that type of experience. We at Strong Coffee will work with your company brand to uncover the perfect 360-degree experience that draws the eyes and gets heads turning.

3. Pick Your Picture

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360-Degree Still Images

Immersive photography perfect for real-estate, developers, interior designers and tourism.

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360-Degree Video

Mesmerizing video experience perfect for conferences, education, tourism, events and more.

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360-Degree Live Video

Real-time 360-degree video perfect for walkthroughs, news events, once-in-a-lifetime experiences & more, that literally brings the experience to the viewer.

4. Shoot The Perfect 360-Degree Experience

3...2...1... Action! We have the right tools at our disposal, from portable power and wifi, to high-end audio recorders, to make your video experience something magical. Here's an intro to 360-degree video technology and what it can do for you.

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