1. Research and planning

One of the first things we have to fully understand are the objectives to your project. The Discovery Phase to this project will be vital as it will set the stage for what is required to build your AR or VR experience.

2. Content planning

We will work with you to determine exactly what you will be showing in your digital reality content, in addition to how it will all be created. The type, scope and amount of audiovisual development is often the majority of work required to bring your AR/VR experience to life.

Development build

3. Application development

There are a variety of application options to how you can have your AR/VR experience accessed by the public. Once the type of application that best fits your objectives is chosen, we will begin to develop the app from the technical and backend side of things.

4. Deployment

Following the integration of the created content and the technical development of the application, the digital experience is ready to launch. Depending on the type of application developed for your augmented/virtual reality experience, it could be placed in Google Play and Apple App Stores.

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