Keep it simple, stupid. As a marketing agency that specializes in tourism, we’ve helped to market hundreds of packages. Stay and play, weekend getaway, local history, family escape – regardless of the catchy name, the one thing that the most successful packages have in common is simplicity.

If you make things difficult to understand or you make the customer jump through too many hoops, they’ll leave and never come back. Think of your last purchase. Did you opt for a product or service that was difficult and annoying to get, or did you choose something that met your needs and was relatively easy to buy?

Amazon has this part figured out. They are constantly working to make their processes more efficient and effective. You can go from researching to buying in minutes on Amazon.

We’ve been doing some work in the golf business lately, and I wanted to find an example of a good tournament package. Tournaments are a great way to generate revenue, but they can be a bit of a pain to organize. Having worked in the golf business, I can remember countless times where there was confusion around tournament bookings, meals, and prizes. Most of the time, the problems stemmed from when the tournament was booked. Sometimes our staff didn’t know what had been promised during the booking process. Other times, customers thought things were included in the price when they weren’t.

All-Inclusive packages can prevent a lot of these headaches. Tournament organizers know exactly what they’re getting for the price and golf courses spend less time trying to finalize tournament details. I came across the “All In” package at Eagle Rock Golf Course. Despite the odd grammatical error, this package is a good example of a simple all-inclusive package.

What makes it good?

  • The golf course does a nice job of adding value to the package. Items like “Placement and pick up of tournament signage including proximity markers” and “Complimentary power carts for your tournament volunteers” are inexpensive add-ons that elevate the value of the package.
  • The package is easy to understand. The tournament organizer can easily see what is offered and what it will cost.
  • There is a clear call to action. It’s easy to get your tournament booked.
  • The information is condensed into a short document. They’ve even managed to get the rules and regulations into a single page.

Take some time and review your packages through the eyes of your customer. You might find ways to streamline the process and make more money!

Have a good tournament package that you want to share? Email us a link, and we might include it in an upcoming post.

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