Everyone fears it – having to contact technical support for anything.  So many people share horror stories about their bad experiences when calling or chatting online with the tech support division of a company (be it a cell phone provider, cable company, etc.).

Recently, one of our team members headed to WP Engine to seek technical support.  Once the duo had resolved the issue, our staff member decided to try and have some fun with the individual on the other end.  We have included some of the chat transcript here – remember, you should never be afraid to ask for help straight from the source.  You never know what might happen!

Oh ya.. and did we mention that the technical support agent’s name was Creed? Hopefully next time his/her name will be Nickelback. That would be a rockin’ good time!

[content_band bg_color=”#E6E6E6″ border=”all”] [container]
Strong Coffee Marketing 01:24:40 pm

Ah ok, so it will be there going forward?

Creed 01:25:18 pm

Yes, and it is loading here for me now

Strong Coffee Marketing 01:25:58 pm

I thank you! With arms wide open!

Creed 01:26:30 pm

Under the sunlight!!!!

Strong Coffee Marketing 01:27:05 pm

Despise you that control me
Are you Ready?

Creed 01:28:00 pm

Can you take me higher?

Strong Coffee Marketing 01:28:11 pm

Who’s Got My Back?

Creed 01:28:40 pm

Wash Away Those Tears

Strong Coffee Marketing 01:29:04 pm

What’s This Life For?

Creed 01:29:40 pm

Now I am blaring Creed in my headphones
I close my eyes and I am right there

Strong Coffee Chats With Creed

Strong Coffee Marketing 01:29:57 pm

My Sacrifice
Wrong Way

Creed 01:31:13 pm

My Own Prison

Strong Coffee Marketing 01:31:25 pm

Is This The End? (Acoustic Version)
To Whom It May Concern. Never Die, I say, Beautiful.
Fin. Thank you for your time and sportsmanship. Gentleman and a schollar.

Creed 01:35:14 pm

Haha, You’re welcome!

Creed Respect
[/container] [/content_band]
Well played WP Engine (and our Creed-loving developer Theron)! Be sure to follow him on Twitter (@TheronS) for the latest Creed news and gossip.

I’m guessing you’re probably fired up for some Creed now so let’s keep this party going. Crank it up!

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