Digital Marketing For Bands/Artists

You’ve poured thousands of hours in creative energy into your music and work, and now it’s time to broadcast it to the world. What medium should you focus your efforts on? How can you work with the Spotify algorithm to maximize your reach? Should I make a music video for Youtube? What about contesting on social media? These are all questions that should be considered in a digital marketing strategy for bands/musicians.

We’ve worked with bands, solo artists, producers, and aspiring musicians to help them generate digital marketing strategies to increase exposure, views and listenership online.  From simply gaining exposure and video views on Youtube, to increasing follows on Spotify, to launching new singles and albums. We build holistic and data-driven marketing plans for our music-industry clients in search engine optimization, music promotion, band promotion, contesting and awareness.

Search Engine Optimization

Musicians want to be found online, but often their focus is on the music sharing platforms rather than their overall web presence.  From your website to musician listing sites to Wikipedia and Youtube.  Your complete digital footprint should be considered to help maximize your exposure online.

Website Design & Optimization

Is your website optimized for Spotify’s algorithm? Are you taking advantage of all the tools available for bands/artists to better connect your website to your social profiles? Are you playlists, music videos already being shared on your website? Is your website mobile friendly and optimized? Our team can build websites or optimize existing ones to meet the needs of today’s music lovers.

Marketing Strategies

Every client approach is different depending on their marketing goals for their music. No matter if your goal is gaining followers/fans, launching a new single, selling merchandise, or selling tickets to your upcoming shows, we can help build a custom data-driven strategy to help make it a success.

Spotify Growth

How do you get on popular playlists? How can you gain new followers? How can you increase your number of listens? Is there a specific strategy you should deploy for new music? Our team has experience with Spotify and using the algorithm and ads to your advantage.

Youtube Exposure

Views and music video plays to your targeted audience is a simple and effective way of building your social following and gaining exposure to new audiences worldwide with similar music tastes. We use Youtube’s incredible targeting capabilities combined with Chartmetric’s demographic data to build robust Youtube campaigns designed for targeted reach and exposure.

Social Media Marketing

Creating a brand for your band is more than just music videos and song releases.  Creating a presence on social media, sharing photos, behind-the-scenes snippets and more is a huge part of building up your bands following. We work with bands to create strategic content plans to organically grow your following, while also instructing the best ways to use advertising to expand your reach and connection to your fans.

Case Studies

How can you increase listenership and follows on Spotify?

Building awareness and exposure to increase your Spotify listens and followers can be done in a variety of ways. From promotion on Spotify, to getting involved with playlists, to working directly with Spotify for Bands for your new music, to even promoting your music off Spotify to targeted audiences. In this case study we worked specifically with a band who was seeing a drop in their listenership, and we developed a plan to reverse the downward trend and maintain it post-campaign.

How can you build your Youtube subscribers?

For many performance artists, metrics on Youtube, including views and subscribers is a focus for their digital presence.  In this case-study we worked with our client to better take advantage of Youtube’s tools to create hype and awareness for a new song release, and work to drive a boost in new subscribers to the band’s channel.  We also increased exposure of the new single by advertising it to new audiences and paying only for 30s+ views of the video. This ultimately lead to a huge bump in subscribers over the campaign period.

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