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Promoting events is all about getting the most reach and awareness within your niche audience for your event, and ensuring the ticketing process is seamless and flexible based on the needs of the event.  We’ve worked with standalone events with simple ticketing, to complicated multi-faceted ticketing events, with packages, add-ons and discounts for events across Western Canada.

In our current economic climate, with the world largely being overrun by an epidemic, we’ve also learned the benefits of digital events and webinars in trying times to reach a large audience through the comfort of their own homes. We have the tools and experience to deliver these types of events successfully and expertly.

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Musicians want to be found online, but often their focus is on the music sharing platforms rather than their overall web precsnse.  From your website to musician listing sites to wikipedia and Youtube.  Your complete digital footprint should be considered to help maximize your exposure online.

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Event websites are a different breed entirely.  Sometimes one-page websites are all you need to broadcast your message in a straightforward and simple way, other times, multi-page splashy websites are the only solution for the amount of content support your event needs.  We have plenty of experience building both.

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When you’re busy booking talent and speakers for your event, its important to feed your fans and work on the soft sell for your event through strategic content placement.  Whether its working with your e-newsletter, social media channels, website content or new media, we know how to create content that pops.

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Repeat events often have huge e-mail lists to manage and leverage to further promote and sell your event.  Using these lists effectively to drive sales can often be a challenge, but our team specializes in building strategic e-newsletter content to push to drive more sales.

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Need to reach new audiences likely to be interested in your event? Finding and reaching new audiences online is an ever-changing and expanding marketplace. From working with influencers, to creating spotify scripts and youtube video content, to your standard text and social media ads, our team has you covered.

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Ice On Whyte

Silverstar Mountain Resort

Fort Edmonton Park

Wild Mountain Music Festival

Edmonton Corn Maze

Prairie Gardens & Adventure Farm

Kraay Family Farm

Big Brother Big Sisters Dreamhome

Pro Coro Canada

Digital Events

Town of Slave Lake

PGA of Canada

Travel Alberta

Business Link

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